About Me

Ever since I became a mother four years ago, I’ve wanted to write about it. Motherhood is the kind of experience that changes everything about you. It is amazing and wonderful. It is wild and unexpected. It is so incredible and life-changing that it is truly beyond explanation. Before you experience yourself, descriptions of motherhood sound like simple cliché.

I remember as a child asking my mother what she was like before my sister and I were born. She said, “Honestly, I really don’t remember much about my life before you.”

I don’t think I feel the same way, because truthfully, I remember a lot about what my life was like before my children. Mostly, it was relaxing. And filled with quite a bit of adult conversation. And I don’t think I remember ever having to clean smeared banana off my furniture. But I do understand what she meant. Becoming a mother changes you so completely that certain things that once seemed so important become completely irrelevant (for example…going out dancing all night long, getting a manicure, eating in nice restaurants, eating in restaurants at all, eating while sitting down, daily showers, deodorant, ironing one’s clothes, wearing high heels, wearing make-up, wearing anything but stained sweat pants…the list goes on.)